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Product name: household ups generator
Input voltage: 220V
Output power: 500VA
Nominal capacity: 500va
Working humidity: 90%
Working temperature: -5+50
Output current: 12
Output voltage: 220V
Output frequency: 50/60HZ
Input frequency: 50/60HZ
Custom processing: Yes

Product Features:
1. Intelligent battery management
The intelligent multi-mode battery management system adopts microprocessor control technology for multi-mode management of current, improves the charging power of the UPS, and prolongs the service life of the battery.
2. Wide input voltage and wide frequency range
Very wide input voltage and frequency input range, the voltage range is 115-300VAC, the input frequency is 40-60Hz, the compatibility is strong, and the use is more flexible.
3. Powerful intelligent management
Amberte UPS provides a wealth of expandable intelligent management functions, local and remote monitoring functions, RS232 interface, and SNMP compatibility.
4. Stable power supply system
Using intelligent intelligent CPU design, using PFC power factor correction, PFC≥0.98, when the mains is unstable, the switching time of the power supply mode is zero, which effectively guarantees the safety and reliability of operation.

Product Features:
1. True online design, output sine wave, no pollution.
2. Adopt high frequency and IGBT conversion technology to improve the efficiency and reliability of the whole machine.
3. Intelligent CPU design, using PFC power factor correction, PFC20.98, the conversion time is zero.
4. Intelligent local and remote monitoring functions, RS232 interface, compatible with SNMP.
5. Self-detection and self-protection function, strong resistance to load impact, peak current and short circuit protection design.

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