220V Solar UPS Generator


Product Name: solar UPS generator

Voltage: input 220V output 220V

Color: Black

Working humidity: 0 ~ 95% (non condensing)

Control mode: double conversion on-line

Nominal capacity: 3KVA / 2.4kw

Processing customization: Yes

Output frequency: 50Hz

Source category: UPS uninterruptible power supply

Standby time: configure the battery as required

Conversion time: 0ms

Load adjustment rate: ≥ 90%

Battery voltage: 72 ~ 96 (6 ~ 8 optional)

Size (w * D * h): 191 * 460 * 337

Characteristics of solar UPS generator:

1. Working mode

Dual conversion on-line design, input power factor correction (PFC) technology, input power factor up to 0.99

2. DSP full digital control

Digital control makes the control system more stable and reliable

3. Eco function

Eco operation mode is energy-efficient and reduces user cost

4. Intelligent charging mode

The user can set the charging current, the constant current, constant voltage and floating charging modes can be automatically and smoothly switched, the 1 ~ 3KVA charging current can be expanded, and the 6 ^ 10KVA charging current can be set

5. Strong environmental adaptability

Wide voltage input range, avoid frequent switching to battery power supply, large input frequency range, and can work stably when connected to various fuel generators

6. Comprehensive and reliable protection

Start up self diagnosis function, output overload, output short circuit, inverter overtemperature, battery undervoltage warning and battery overcharge protection function, static electronic bypass switch, DC start function, 1 ~ 3KVA model has input zero fire line detection function

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Capacity <1Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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220V Solar UPS Generator