12V 40Ah Solar ups battery


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Battery type: lithium battery,solar ups
Rated capacity: 3.4AH,Customized capacity
Nominal voltage: 12-14V
Customization: customized logo, customized packaging, customized graphics

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Product name: solar ups battery

Place of Origin: Guangdong, Shenzhen

Model: LC-R123R4

Application scenarios: standby or bicycles, power tools, electric bicycles/scooters, electric wheelchairs, power systems, solar storage systems, uninterruptible power supplies, etc.

Rechargeable: Yes

OEM/ODM service: available

PCM protection: Yes

Warranty: 1 year, other

Nominal voltage: 12V

Certification: ce

Solar Ups

How to DIY a solar UPS, what components are needed:

1. For solar panels, it is best to buy a larger power (more than 20W, 12V is the most convenient);

2. Solar panel controller, used to connect solar panel, battery, and load (small lantern) to charge the battery;

3. For 12V battery, the estimated capacity should be about 40Ah. Higher power requirements can be configured with higher capacity lithium batteries;

4. Switch modules (such as automatic/timed switches, etc.), wiring, lanterns (it is best to buy a 12V one, without converting the voltage);

With the solar panel controller as the center, connect the solar panel, battery and load (color light/switch module), such a simple solar UPS is successfully assembled. The cost of the solar UPS depends on the size of the solar panel/battery. There are many other detailed requirements that need to be assembled for household or commercial solar UPS. For specific customization needs, please contact our customer service for consultation.

More Information
Capacity 100~200Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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12V 40Ah Solar ups battery