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Solar panel application field
1. Small home lighting system: household photovoltaic power generation system
2. Lamp power supply: such as garden lamps, street lamps, indoor lighting energy-saving lamps, etc.
3. Solar traffic lights: traffic lights, warning lights
4. Living areas: solar electric vehicles, solar water heaters, solar battery charging equipment
5. Communication/communication field: solar unattended microwave relay station, optical cable maintenance station, broadcasting/communication/paging power system; rural carrier telephone photovoltaic system, small communication machine, soldier GPS power supply, etc.
6. Solar heating system: use solar energy to provide energy for the heating equipment in the room to heat it.
7. It is widely used in various lighting appliances, very suitable for electronic appliances and lighting in remote places such as villages, mountains, islands, highways and so on.

300w solar panel for roof component manufacturers
We mainly provide OEM and wholesale customization services such as solar street lights, solar garden lights, LED street lights, solar floor lights, LED street light lamp holders, solar panels, solar photovoltaic power generation systems, etc.
Solar panel power calculation
The solar AC power generation system is composed of solar panels, charge controllers, inverters and batteries; the solar DC power generation system does not include inverters. In order to enable the solar power generation system to provide sufficient power for the load, it is necessary to select various components reasonably according to the power of the electrical appliances. Take the 100W output power and use it for 6 hours a day as an example to introduce the calculation method:
1. First, calculate the number of watt hours consumed per day (including the loss of the inverter): if the conversion efficiency of the inverter is 90%, when the output power is 100W, the actual output power required should be 100W/90 %=111W; if it is used for 5 hours a day, the output power is 111W*5 hours=555Wh.
2. Calculate the solar panel: Calculate according to the daily effective sunshine time of 6 hours, and then take into account the charging efficiency and the loss during charging, the output power of the solar panel should be 555Wh/6h/70%=130W. Among them, 70% is the actual power used by the solar panels during the charging process.

Solar panel production process
The first step is monolithic welding: Weld the battery slices to the interconnection strip (tin-coated copper tape) to prepare for the series connection of the battery slices.
The second step is series welding: connect the battery slices in series according to a certain number.
The third step is lamination: continue the circuit connection of the battery string, while protecting the battery slices with glass, EVA film, and TPT backplane.
The fourth step is lamination: the cell and tempered glass, EVA film, and TPT backplane are bonded and fused together under certain temperature, pressure and vacuum conditions.
The fifth step is to install the frame: use an aluminum frame to protect the glass, and it is easy to install.
The sixth step is to clean: ensure the appearance of the components.
The seventh step of electrical performance test: test the insulation performance and power generation of the components, and then pack them into storage.
Optional solar panel wattage:
Battery panel power range is optional: monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon solar cell power is (0.5~5)W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W, 40W, 45W, 50W, 55W, 60W, 65W, 70W, 75W , 80W, 85W, 90W, 95W, 100W, 110W, 120W, 130W, 140W, 150W, 165W, 180W, 200W, 240W, 260W, 280W, 300W and many other models (some bulk goods can be customized according to customer needs).

enerart.com/solar-battery/ordinary-solar-panels.html">Solar panel inspection and maintenanceSolar panel repair
1. Check whether the battery board is damaged, find out in time, and replace it in time.
2. Check whether the battery board connection wire and the ground wire are in good contact, and whether there is any falling off.
3. Check whether there is heat at the junction of the combiner box.
4. Check whether the battery board bracket is loose or broken.
5. Check and clean up the weeds that cover the battery panels around the battery panels.
6. Check whether there is any covering on the surface of the battery board.
7. Check the bird droppings on the surface of the battery panel and clean it if necessary.
8. Appraise the cleanliness of the battery panels.
9. In windy weather, check the battery panels and brackets.
10. In heavy snow, the battery panels should be cleaned in time to avoid freezing and freezing on the surface of the battery panels.
11. In heavy rain, check whether all the waterproof seals are in good condition and whether there is water leakage.
12. Check whether animals enter the power station to damage the battery panels.

Precautions for purchasing solar panels
1. enerart.com/solar-battery/ordinary-solar-panels.html">Solar panels are larger and different in configuration. This product does not include shipping and taxes. For specific invoicing information and shipping information, please contact customer service.
2. Please communicate with us before buying, and make a clear understanding of the shipping time, shipping method, etc. Buyers who have not communicated please read the product description carefully, and then take the purchase after no doubt to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
3. In terms of product installation, our company can provide technical installation tutorials, and provide product OEM. Overseas customers can directly contact local dealers for on-site service.

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Capacity <1Ah
Battery TypeLiFePO4
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