Solar connector cable


Rated current (ampere): 33A
Rated voltage (Volt): 500V AC
Insulation resistance: 5000MQ
Insulation material: PPO
Contact material: copper, silver plated
Mating times: 500 times
Protection level: IP67
Contact resistance: 5 mQ
Fire rating: UL94-V0
Working temperature: -40°C~ +90°C

1. Hot-swappable design
2. Safely locked, firm and reliable
3. Double protection, anti-UV
4.Industrial grade connection, quick plug-in and anti-vibration function
5. Meet the hot-swappable requirements, can be closed and disconnected with load
6. Double protection against electric shock, both male and female terminals have protection functions
7. Industrial grade connection mode, meeting fast connection and anti-vibration function
8. The wiring terminal adopts field wiring method to meet the requirements of field engineering
9. Equipped with terminal disassembly tools, convenient for engineering maintenance
10. Resistance to harsh working environment, resistance to V
11. The terminal is made of stainless steel ring, with low contact resistance and good holding force
12. Terminals have multiple options of gold-plated, silver-plated, crimping, and screw connection
13. Simultaneously meet the board-to-wire and wire-to-wire connection methods

Application areas of solar panel connectors:
PT18-3 series connector products are suitable for mainly serving solar photovoltaic power generation, solar modules, inverters, junction boxes: LED lighting, industrial automation, power electrical, power electronics and other industries

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Capacity <1Ah
Battery TypeLiFePO4
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Solar connector cable
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