12V Solar monitoring lithium battery


Low-power video wireless monitoring system, all the energy required for system operation comes from solar energy, and it can operate independently without the need for city power access. The system is mainly powered by solar components during the day, and the excess solar energy is stored in the battery for use at night. Lithium battery can be selected, it can be installed directly on the pole, no need to be buried in the ground for heat preservation, lead-free and environmentally friendly, and small in size.
The front-end camera has extremely low static power consumption, which can greatly reduce the configuration of solar modules and batteries, and reduce engineering costs. All image data is stored locally to the SD card (support 5~14 days, depending on the code stream design), 4G real-time transmission of high-definition video images, you can use mobile phones or computer software to view, the entire system is easy to install, true environmental protection and low cost.

Solar lithium batteries are simply cylindrical batteries (cylindrical winding type), generally steel shells, but also aluminum shells. The technology is relatively mature, small size, sensitive to the group, low cost, mature technology, and good consistency; after the group is formed, the heat dissipation is not well planned, the weight is heavy, and the specific energy is low.
It can supply power for up to 5-10 days in continuous rainy and cloudy days:
This set of low-power video wireless monitoring system is suitable for areas with total radiation greater than 1000KWh/m2. It can supply power for up to 5-10 days in continuous rainy and rainy days. It fully meets the needs of ordinary video surveillance in most areas of the country, with low cost and low power consumption. , Is a good choice for field monitoring.


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Capacity <1Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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12V Solar monitoring lithium battery