48V Scooter battery


Power failure protection
Battery pack protection board with short circuit protection, external short circuit will automatically cut off the power supply
Voltage protection
Stable output voltage of high-precision feedback regulation circuit
Meter overheating protection
The machine is overheated and automatically cut off for safety and longer life
Insulation protection
Three layers of insulating materials to prevent leakage

Scooter lithium batteries: All are screened by instruments and strict professional technology, and are charged and discharged according to strict technical indicators to ensure good performance. Larger available capacity, automatic identification and protection of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short-circuit, charge equalization, etc.
Waterproof glue: meticulous workmanship, waterproof glue has been applied to the battery head and tail, and every detail is carefully done
Standard charging and discharging interface: suitable for more than 97% electric vehicles, Xidesheng vehicles can be equipped with special adapters
Quality assurance supports the anti-counterfeiting warranty and replaces with new cores for quality problems within two and a half years. A product 5C internal resistance batteries are strictly tested to ensure quality

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Capacity <1Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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48V Scooter battery