1980W UPS uninterruptible power supply


Product Name: rotary UPS generator

Working principle: Online

Service environment: commercial UPS

Frequency: high frequency

Output socket: 4

Processing customization: Yes

Equipment type: Online UPS

Overall dimension: 255mm * 640mm * 700mm

Rated capacity: 500L

Input voltage range: 160-280V

Output voltage range: 160-280V

Output power: 1200W

Standby time: 30

Efficiency: 0.7

Operating temperature range: 0-40

Advantages of rotary UPS generator:

1. USB serial port management

UPS can be managed by USB interface and serial port.

2. Anti surge protection

The surge suppression energy 320 joules protects the connected load from surge peak voltage, lightning and other power disturbances.

3. Network monitoring and management

By adding a network management card for remote management of UPS, the functions of monitoring and control and safe operating system shutdown can be realized.

4. Overload reset

Resettable circuit breakers quickly recover from overload events.

5. Intelligent self inspection

Self check the battery regularly to ensure that the battery to be replaced is detected as soon as possible. Typical charging time is 3 hours.

6. Buzzer alarm

Tell you whether it is running or overloaded in real time.

7. Automatically restart the load

The load will be restarted automatically after the UPS is shut down. Once the mains power is restored, the connected equipment will be restarted automatically.



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Capacity <1Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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1980W UPS uninterruptible power supply