Li-po Battery Capacity Tester

bsLi-po Battery Capacity Tester
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:GEB
Model Number:A20
Product name:EBC-A20 Li-po Battery Capacity Tester 5A Charge 20A Discharger 85W
Function:Test Capacity
Usage:Accurate Measure Battery Capacity
Display mode:LCD
Language:Multi Languages
Application:lithium battery LiFePO4 battery lead acid battery
Offer:Lithium Ion Battery Machine

EBC-A20 is a battery test instrument with charge and discharge functionTo test the capacity of lithium battery / lead acid (charge discharge 20A, maximum power 5A, 85W), support separate charge and discharge and a discharge charge test support connected to the computer, can repeatedly charge and discharge and has extended functions through online software

- The maximum discharge power 85W, within 4.2V, can be 20A, 8.4V can be 10A, and higher voltage is less than 10A

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Capacity <1Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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Li-po Battery Capacity Tester