24V 50Ah Lead-acid replacement battery


Lithium batteries have high energy density, small size, long life, suitable for high-temperature environments, and can be quickly charged and discharged, and can be used to replace lead-acid batteries.

Product Features:
1. The positive electrode of the battery is made of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) material, which has good safety performance, long cycle life and is compatible with various communication power equipment
2. The built-in BMS has a variety of protection and communication functions to ensure the reliability of battery pack performance and realize remote real-time monitoring of battery data
3. Low battery internal resistance, built-in high-efficiency battery control circuit internal equalization function
4. Small size, light weight, specific energy is 2~3 times of traditional lead-acid battery
5. Wide operating temperature range and high reliability
6. Support multiple sets of batteries to be used in parallel

Application field
It is widely used in UPS systems, home photovoltaic energy storage, energy storage power stations, low-speed electric vehicles, RVs, special vehicles, testing equipment, security monitoring equipment, surveying instruments, medical equipment, etc.

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24V 50Ah Lead-acid replacement battery
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