High-power lithium iron phosphate battery

bsHigh-power lithium iron phosphate battery

Battery type: lithium iron phosphate battery
Rated capacity: 20Ah
Nominal voltage: 24V
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Product name: Lithium iron phosphate battery
Place of Origin: Beijing, China
Model: 18650-2Ah
Standard charging current: 5A
Standard discharge current: 20A
Charging temperature: 0-45℃
Discharge temperature: -20-55℃
Warranty: 1 year/12 months, 2 years
Battery size: 200*160*75mm, 24v 20Ah
Weight: 3.5kg, 3.5kg
Battery pack: 7S10P
Certification: UL1642, UN38.3, ISO9001
Application scenarios: power tools, household appliances, consumer electronics, boats, golf carts, submarines, electric bicycles/scooters, electric forklifts, electric cars, electric wheelchairs, power systems, solar storage systems, uninterrupted power supplies

Our advantage:
1. Our batteries are convenient to connect when you build the battery pack.
2. High discharge rate and low self-discharge.
3. The battery pack is widely used in electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric cars. We have been a battery supplier to many manufacturers around the world.
4. You can buy our single battery, and we can make the battery for you according to your voltage and capacity. And provide you with BMS and box according to your technical specifications

Stable performance, longer life, stronger, safer, lighter and smaller, no memory effect, wide operating temperature, green product

More Information
Capacity <1Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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High-power lithium iron phosphate battery