Golf car lithium battery


Product parameters:
Battery capacity: 100Ah
Charging limit voltage: 83.95V
Battery voltage: 72V
Discharge limit voltage: 62V
Charging current: 0.2C
Number of serial wells: 23SIP
Discharge current: 1C
Product specifications: can be customized
Charging time: 5-8H

Battery usage:
Lithium batteries should be stored for a long time for three months to replenish the battery power. Allow the battery to be charged and discharged once for half a year to reach a cycle; during use, do not let the battery dry and recharge it, which has a great impact on the battery. Until it is full, but don’t overcharge or over discharge
Battery advantages:
1. Large operating temperature range:
The battery charging temperature is 0-+40°C, and the discharging temperature range is 20-+55°C. The LEOCH battery adopts alloy formula and lead paste formula, and has excellent discharge performance at low temperatures.
2. Low self-discharge rate
The sealing performance is good, and it can guarantee the airtightness of the battery during the use time, without corrosion, the battery can be placed horizontally or vertically, and the sealed structure of the battery can synthesize the gas generated into water.
3. Strong charge acceptance
It can be charged quickly, and the capacity is restored to save time and electricity. The silver-plated copper terminals are used, and the conductivity is excellent, so that the battery can be discharged at a large current.
4. Explosion-proof exhaust system
It can eliminate the phenomenon of battery shell expansion due to excessive pressure when the battery is in abnormal use

More Information
Capacity <1Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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Golf car lithium battery