Custom lithium battery 50Ah

bsCustom lithium battery 50Ah

Product name: customized lithium battery
Battery type: Lithium ion battery
Rated capacity: 50Ah, 42Ah, 30Ah, 18Ah, 12Ah
Nominal voltage: 12V
Customization: Customized logo, customized packaging, customized graphics

Product parameters:
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Model: LF4080 LCD 12V 50Ah
Battery type: Lifepo4/lithium battery
Combination method: 4S8P 32700 battery
Energy: 640Wh
Cycle life: 4000 cycles
Maximum charging voltage: 14.0~14.6V
Charging current: 25A
Maximum charging current: 50A
Maximum pulse current: 100A (<3S)
Discharge cut-off voltage: 10.0
Size: 223*150*178*178mm

1.Using the technology of lithium iron phosphate cell, superior safety,thousands of cycles, 100%DOD, under normal conditions.
2. Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over discharge, over current and over temperature.
3.Free of maintenance .
4.Internal cell balancing.
5.Lighter weight: About 40% ~50% of the weight of a comparable lead acid battery.
6.Can be charged using most standard lead-acid charges (set).
7.Wider temperature range:-20℃~60℃.
8.Support for Series application expansion (up to 51.2V) and two in parallels.

Do not use the 12V lithium battery pack in places with high humidity or where it may be exposed to wet.
Do not modify or disassemble the power bank.
Do not throw the 12V power bank into fire or water.
Do not reverse the polarity of the battery pack.

More Information
Capacity <1Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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Custom lithium battery 50Ah