Who is the biggest lithium battery OEM manufacturer

Manufacturers of Honda OEM batteries are mainly located in Southeast Asia, especially China. In addition, Dodge and GM in the United States produce their own batteries on the one hand, and also through third-party OEM manufacturers, such as BYD, Foxconn, Sunwoda, Tesla, etc. With the rise of China's new energy vehicles, China's local battery brands have also received Very good development, Chinese battery factory products have been in short supply, and gradually reduced the number of OEMs for other brands. At present, the world's largest battery brands are seeking to build their own battery factories to produce lithium batteries. But on the whole, Chinese products are the most popular among global users in terms of quality, price, and service. China's batteries already account for 70% of the world's share.
At present, Japanese battery manufacturer Honda and American battery manufacturer GM said that GM has cooperated with Honda in the research and development of battery cells and other electric vehicle components, and is open to cooperation with other automakers.
On electric vehicle batteries, GM and Honda have been working together for years. As early as 2013, foreign media reported that GM planned to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology and hydrogen storage technology with Honda. In 2017, the two parties jointly invested 85 million US dollars to establish a fuel cell system manufacturing company. Last year, they announced their cooperation on the research and development of a new generation of high-nickel batteries, further expanding the scope of cooperation.
GM and Honda have jointly developed high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries with short charging times, small size and long range for pure electric vehicles. The two sides also plan to source battery cells from outside, produce battery modules at GM's U.S. plant, and supply them to Honda.
The manufacture of batteries is a business that is not necessarily proportional to investment and cost for OEMs. On the one hand, from a cost point of view, it seems like a thankless thing for OEMs to enter battery cell manufacturing given that the battery industry giants already occupy most of the market.
Therefore, OEMs focus on battery research and development and design. On the other hand, the new energy vehicle market is immature and limited in scale, and it is difficult to achieve profitability under heavy investment.
Then, GM and Honda cooperate in the research and development of battery cells. On the one hand, Honda is in order to achieve its electrification goals. On the other hand, there is no doubt that both parties want to maximize the use of capital and technology.
For Honda, the electric vehicle-related business department was established in the second half of 2016, and it started late in the field of electric vehicles. But it set a goal in 2017: by 2030, two-thirds of global sales will come from electrified vehicles, including hybrid, plug-in, pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.
In addition, as far as the current development progress is concerned, in terms of batteries, GM has the largest battery system laboratory in North America, and has also established a sister laboratory in Shanghai, China, which is mainly used for battery system design, research and development, testing to production, etc. link.
In addition, in the Chinese laboratory, GM has produced a new high-power battery that will be used in GM's low-voltage battery system in the future. At present, the battery brands that have established laboratories in China are not only GM and Honda. Volkswagen and Ford share the MEB platform, BMW and Daimler jointly purchase gearboxes and power batteries, and Toyota, Subaru and BYD jointly develop electric vehicles, etc.
Although Tesla also announced its own production of car batteries, Tesla's car battery production capacity is still unable to meet market demand, and it still needs the support of Chinese battery manufacturers.
Therefore, the global battery OEM or manufacturing has become inseparable from China, and even the largest battery manufacturer in the United States needs to rely on China's battery supply chain. There is no doubt that China has become the center of global battery manufacturing, and more brands will come from China in the future. The current ranking of CATL as the top battery manufacturing brand in the world is the best proof. Enerart is the preferred global battery manufacturer, OEM/ODM various batteries.