1. Solar panel type, solar power panel repair

    The solar panel company mainly develops solar street lights, solar garden lights, LED street lights, solar floor lights, LED street lights, solar panels, solar photovoltaic power generation systems, etc. We produce monocrystalline silicon/polycrystalline silicon solar panels, solar street lights, and...

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  2. Solar street lamp battery

    Solar street lamp battery-what kind of battery is used for solar street lamp?
    The solar street lamp battery is the application of the battery in the solar street lamp. The function of the solar street lamp battery is to store the electric energy generated by the...

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  3. Do you choose lithium-ion batteries for solar street lights?

    The wide application of solar street lights has greatly reduced the installation cost, and the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving have made it widely promoted and applied. The energy storage battery...

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  4. How Solar Works?

    We took solar power from stationary to portable, from rooftops to backpacks. Powering your phone, headlamp, camera or whatever essential gear is in your kit from the sun is a reality. It’s a little surreal, opening a solar panel, plugging in a phone, and watching as it starts to charge.


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