How long can the lithium battery of the electric scooter last? Scooter battery life

In recent years, with the advancement of lithium battery technology and the reduction of production costs, lithium-ion electric scooters using lithium batteries as the main power source of industrial design companies have also flown into ordinary people's homes. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have more advantages. Light weight, long cycle life, high energy density, fast charging speed and other advantages. The service life of most lithium batteries is designed to be around 1000 times (ordinary ternary lithium battery materials), which is 3-4 years. But this does not mean that the service life of the lithium battery will end after 3-4 years of use. As long as you pay attention to these points, the life of the lithium battery of the electric scooter can be doubled! Let's take the current mainstream ternary lithium battery as an example. The mainstream manufacturers produce lithium batteries with 18650 cells. The main features are high energy density, high cycle life, and moderate manufacturing costs, but they have relatively high requirements for the use environment and charging.

1. The scooter lithium battery is afraid of cold and heat, do not use it in extreme environments

Many people like to put lithium battery electric scooters in the sun in summer, or park them in the yard or on the road in winter, which is very unfavorable for the service life of lithium batteries. The migration rate is closely related to the temperature. In theory, the temperature can be used normally between -20°C and 55°C. In daily life, the lithium battery is not harmful to the lithium battery when the temperature is between 5°C and 35°C. Users in the north In winter, store lithium batteries at home as much as possible, and do not put them outdoors. Users in the south avoid exposure to the sun in summer.

Electric scooter lithium battery can only be used for 3 years? These few tricks can double the life of your battery!

Second, the scooter lithium battery should not be deeply charged and discharged frequently

Many people think that the hundreds of cycles of charging the lithium battery in the manual of the electric scooter means that it only needs to be plugged and unplugged once to be used once. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The manual actually refers to the number of complete re-discharges. Lithium batteries are different from nickel-cadmium batteries. , Lithium battery does not have any memory effect, it can be charged anytime and anywhere. Charging when the battery has surplus power will not shorten the service life, but also maintain the battery and prolong its cycle. For lithium batteries, the correct way is Slow charge instead of deep charge.

3. The scooter lithium battery should be charged with a suitable charger to avoid high current

The chemical activity of lithium batteries is much more active than that of lead-acid batteries, and the requirements for chargers are higher. Once a brand-name charger or an unsuitable fast charger is used, it will not only affect the service life of the lithium battery itself, but also seriously due to overheating. Causes the diaphragm to be damaged and short-circuited, resulting in an explosion. In addition, the 18650 battery is 3c discharge, your electric scooter is 350w, the battery used is lower than the discharge current of your electric scooter, which will cause the lithium battery temperature to be too high, the current will be too large, and the life will be shortened. In the case of bulging and scrapping, if your electric scooter is very powerful and very fast, it is recommended to choose 18650 batteries with 10c current, so it is obviously very important to choose the right battery!

Electric scooter lithium battery can only be used for 3 years? These few tricks can double the life of your battery!

Fourth, do not "full charge" "overcharge", do not need to "activate" the lithium battery

After many users buy the lithium battery of the electric scooter home, they still charge the lithium battery for 10-12 hours in the first three times according to the method of the lead-acid battery. They think that the lithium battery needs to be activated. In fact, this greatly affects the life of the lithium battery. More weird people think that superstitious trickle charging is to continue charging the electric scooter for another hour after it is fully charged to offset the interference of the internal resistance. These practices are wrong. Unplug. Try not to charge the lithium battery of the electric scooter overnight, which is prone to fire.

5. No need to store with full power

When the electric scooter lithium battery (18650 cell) of the industrial design company is purchased, it is generally 2-3 grids of electricity, and few are fully charged. The long-term storage time of full battery will reduce the capacity of the lithium battery. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the selection of better quality protective plates. Pay attention to these points, your electric scooter lithium battery will be no problem for five or six years. Of course, we also need to change the battery in time.

6. Replace the scooter battery in time

If the battery performance is degraded, a new scooter battery can be updated as soon as possible to increase the value of the vehicle.