Ship lithium battery

How about the lithium battery for ship energy storage?

The birth of the electric ship can be traced back to 1839. At that time, German scientists developed the world's first electric boat. By 1881 and 1882, France and the United Kingdom had successfully conducted trials of new electric boats respectively; at the same time, the United Kingdom also established the world's largest fleet of electric yachts operating and chartered along the Thames River, and built a series of charging stations. .

Ship lithium batteries are divided into high-voltage ship lithium batteries and low-voltage ship lithium batteries. 96V, 128V, 160V, and 320V are all high-voltage lithium batteries. 48V, 60V, and 72V are all low-voltage lithium batteries.
The 500 sets of marine lithium batteries undertaken this time are low-voltage lithium batteries 72V250ah, which are used for sightseeing boats carrying more than a dozen people to replace lead-acid batteries.

Due to factors such as low density, large size, heavy weight, and short service life of lead-acid batteries, many devices that are used frequently and used for a long time cannot achieve the expected results.
As a result, lithium batteries have also been used to replace lead-acid batteries on ships.
Many customers have a wrong understanding when they first come into contact with lithium batteries, thinking that lithium batteries, like lead-acid batteries, are also connected in series.
I don't know whether lithium batteries are connected in series or in parallel with cells, and then packaged as a whole, and lithium batteries are all equipped with protective plates. Equipping a protective plate is a big difference between lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries.
Another point is that lithium batteries need to choose the protection board according to the different instantaneous discharge power of different devices. If the instantaneous discharge power of a device is too large and the configuration of the protection board is too low, the protection board will be burned and the battery will be damaged at the same time.

According to the specific ship, from the design of the cabin battery compartment to the design of the power supply system, to the power module to the battery cell, it is a hierarchical and hierarchical design method. The battery system adopts flexible group technology, which is to achieve a high degree of integration of batteries or electrochemical technology and power electronics to meet the needs of high security and large capacity.

By combining with the power battery, the battery pack can be expanded at will. The future direction we think is the energy form of fuel cell engine plus lithium battery combination. In terms of the efficiency of the propulsion system, in addition to the efficiency of the motor itself, there is also the efficiency of the propeller or propeller; the other is low vibration, and the ship has relatively high requirements for vibration; the third is the integration of the machine and the propeller, for which we propose the propulsion required by the ship The system focuses on podded thrusters.

We are well aware that problems such as high-power pure battery power such as ships, such as safety, increased energy power density, and high one-time cost, will be a difficult problem for the promotion and application of pure battery power in ships. It is necessary to strengthen technical research and development and conduct adequate testing. Verified to ensure reliable application and economy of Anquan. The Ministry of Science and Technology will continue to strengthen key core technologies such as power batteries and fuel cells, and continue to conduct in-depth research on the transformation of transportation electrification, so as to provide scientific and technological support for energy conservation, emission reduction and pollutant emission reduction in the transportation field.

In the future, the trend of lithium electrification of ships will mainly focus on ferries, sightseeing boats, inland cargo ships, and port tugboat markets along the river and coastal cities.

Therefore, when choosing a ship lithium battery, you must find a professional lithium battery manufacturer, and carry out technology, matching lithium battery model and protection plate model according to the real data of the ship. enerart will customize the most suitable marine lithium battery according to your needs. Welcome to contact us.