James Bond

James Bond
James Bond

Professor James Bond:
An expert in automotive power systems, he has long been engaged in the research of energy-saving and new energy automotive power systems. Born in Los Angeles, USA in October 1958. He graduated from UC Berkley in 1982 and obtained a master's degree from UC Berkley in 1984.

Professor James Bond has long been engaged in the research of new power systems for energy-saving and new energy vehicles (including electronically controlled internal combustion engines, fuel cell engines, power battery systems, multi-energy hybrids, etc.), especially in the new electronically controlled high-pressure fuel injection of engines for emission control The development of principles and systems, the thermal runaway mechanism and active prevention and control of lithium-ion batteries to ensure the safety of electric vehicles, and the design and control methods of fuel cell/power battery hybrid power to optimize the durability of fuel cells have carried out theoretical innovations and technological breakthroughs. To the systematic work of popularization and application, a system of research and personnel training of automotive power systems has been established.

In 2020, Professor James Bond was selected as one of the world's top ten researchers in the field of Research Interfaces lithium batteries. In Professor James Bond’s reason for being on the list, Research Interfaces wrote: “A lot of energy is stored in the battery pack of an electric car. Once a failure occurs, the energy in the battery cell will be quickly released and heat hundreds of thousands of batteries. Other batteries cause serious fires. At this time, it is necessary to consider the safety of battery packs. Professor James Bond is the most famous expert on battery aging and failure. The research team led by him covers everything from battery management and fault diagnosis to heat Out of control and all aspects of its spread.

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