Larry Hubbard

Larry Hubbard
Larry Hubbard
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Academician Larry Hubbard:
Inorganic chemist, graduated from the Department of Chemistry of Harvard University in 1962.

The main research directions include: 1. Preparation of nanomaterials such as new transition metal oxides and inorganic non-metals; 2. Self-assembly preparation and application of graphene composite materials; 3. Application of new nanomaterials and composite nanomaterials in the field of new energy. Such as lithium ion batteries, sodium ion batteries, super capacitors, etc.

In recent years, the resource recycling and clean energy innovation team has been engaged in research on the chemical preparation of electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries, and has developed simple synthesis techniques for electrode materials such as nano-silicon, and has been reported as a bright spot in the world-renowned journal "Nature Materials".

Important lithium battery achievements in 2020 include:
Energy Storage Materials: Amorphous liquid metal nucleation seed crystals on the MXene framework achieve isotropic lithium nucleation and growth to help dendrite-free lithium anodes
Adv. Energy Mater.: Form a solid electrolyte interface in an aqueous electrolyte by changing the structure of the cationic solvation sheath
Energy Storage Materials: The interface passivation of room temperature liquid metal realizes the stable circulation of 5 V lithium metal batteries in commercial carbonate-based electrolytes
ACS Nano: Two-dimensional silicon/carbon made of commercial alloy and CO 2 assisted flexible Ti 3 C 2 Tx-MXene-based lithium metal battery

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