Monthly Archives: August 2022

  1. How about the high power portable solar folding charging bag

    High-power portable solar folding charging bag choose enerart, enerart portable solar folding charging bag, the advantages are: folding and portable, green and efficient, easy to retract, outdoor emergency....

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  2. How to identify the quality of solar street lights?

    Because of their different light-emitting principles, LED lamps have a much longer lifespan than traditional lamps. Therefore, the luminous body itself will not affect the life of the entire solar LED street light. At present, the service life of LED lamps themselves can reach more than 50,000 hours....

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  3. Solar generator production and wholesale

    Solar generators are new energy power generation equipment that uses solar power to replace gasoline generators.
    Solar cell module series with excellent power generation performance and wide adaptability. Through superior cell technology and leading manufacturing...

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  4. How about solar garden lights

    The development of solar garden lights can be used as a good teaching material for popularizing new energy knowledge, deepen people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, and also let people know the advantages and benefits of solar garden lights in urban lighting projects....

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  5. What is solar garden lamp

    Courtyard lamp is one of outdoor lighting lamps, usually refers to outdoor road lighting lamps below 6 meters. Its main components are composed of five parts: light source, lamp, lamp pole, flange plate and foundation embedded parts. Because of its diversity, beauty and characteristics of beautifying...

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  6. How to assemble solar lights? The composition principle of solar light

    The solar light is composed of solar cell components, some LED lamps, a control box (which has a charger, a controller, and a battery in the control box) and a light pole. The luminous efficiency of the solar panel reaches 127Wp/m2, and the efficiency is high, which is very beneficial to the wind resistance...

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