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  1. 8 Chinese Electric Vehicle brands to look out in 2021 over Tesla

    The buzz around EVs is heavily focused on Tesla, which sells more EVs per hour than any other electric vehicle company in the world, and indeed more than BMW, VW and Renault put together. Tesla’s fortunes have made it the highest-valued car company in the world, and Elon Musk now the r...

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  2. How long does it take to charge a Electric Vehicle? Some reliable guideline on how to estimate the recharge time.

    Recharge time is dependent on a host of variables, many of them nuanced—even the length of the charging cable can influence it—that make providing a precise answer impossible. But we can give you some reliable guidelines....

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  3. Hydrogen fuel cell cars and its comparison with electric cars

    How does a hydrogen fuel cell car work?

    As the driver of a hydrogen car, just like with a petrol or diesel car, you don’t need to know much more than this: you put hydrogen in using a fuel pump at a filling station, which is used as fuel to generate electricity. This electricity i...

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  4. Why Might I Be Interested in a Fuel-Cell Vehicle?

    Automotive fuel cells are seen by many as the best bet for widespread replacement of internal combustion engines in the U.S. This is a country where cars and trucks tend to be big. Driving distances also tend to be longer than battery-electric cars can accommodate — or so many motorists think...

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  5. Is Hydrogen Fuel Battery safe? How is it kept safe?

    The short answer is that hydrogen behaves differently from gasoline. But generally it is about as safe as the gasoline we now put in most vehicles' fuel tanks. In fact, the average gasoline tank holds three to four times the energy — and thus three to four times the explosive power — of the hydrogen tan...

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  6. Tesla's Battery Day is optimistic new battery types will go mainstream in 2-3 years to dominate the vehicle industries.

    At the time of Tesla’s last Battery Day in September last year, two announcements caught people’s attention. The biggest fuss was the announcement of a new cell type called the 4680, due in volume in 2021. This cell is more than twice the diameter of the 2170-type currently used in most Tesla cars, and...

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  7. 5 Hacks to improve your batteries' longevity

    Did you know that most devices will stop working whenever the juice in its batteries fall by just 20%?

    Here are 5 quick ways to hack skills to apply on your battery. It will make your device more energy-efficient

    First, an introduction: electricity is the flow of electrons through...

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  8. Are hydrogen batteries really green?

    Hydrogen has been hailed as a carbon-neutral alternative to liquefied natural gas, and hydrogen fuel cells are also being developed as an alternative to traditional lithium batteries.

    Energy efficiency and renewable energy like wind and solar PV – the cornerstones of any clean energy transition –...

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  9. Tesla achieves 96% growth rate over four years of energy storage deployments

    Tesla deployed 1,295MWh of energy storage in the third quarter of 2021 and has recorded a 96% compound annual growth rate in deployments over a four-year period. 

    Tesla announced was that it will start to use lithium ion phosphate (LFP) battery cells for more of its standard range vehicles...

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  10. New Chinese lithium reserve found could erase reliance on imports for Chinese lithium manufacture

    Chinese scientists have discovered an estimated 5 million metric tons of lithium deposits in the central basin of Yunnan province, which could help reduce the country's reliance on imports in lithium.

    Lithium is the key component for lithium batteries, which is a huge industry for the global...

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