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  1. Why solar street lights will become the main force of outdoor lighting?

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the global economy, the infrastructure construction of various countries has become more and more perfect. Street lamps, as outdoor lighting equipment, have also moved from cities to rural areas, which greatly facilitates the daily lives of urban and rural...

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  2. What are the advantages of solar garden lights

    Solar garden lights use solar radiant energy as energy. Solar panels are used to charge the battery during the day, and the battery powers the...

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  3. Battery company talks about the advantages and disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries

    The full name of lithium iron phosphate battery is lithium iron phosphate battery, and the battery company is abbreviated as lithium iron phosphate battery. Because its performance is particularly suitable for power use, the word "power" is added to the name, that is, lithium iron phosphate power battery...

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  4. How do lithium battery manufacturers inspect and test batteries

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  5. Lithium battery factory reliability test standard

    Lithium battery factory battery testing standard 1
    1. Purpose:
    1.1 Inspect the performance of the secondary lithium-ion finished batteries produced by the company to ensure that the safety and reliability of the company's finished...

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  6. What does the lithium battery processing pack manufacturer do

    From civil digital and telecommunication products to industrial equipment, military power supply and lithium digital batteries are widely used and used in batches. Therefore, lithium ion batteries are usually used in series and parallel for products with different voltages and capacities. The special...

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  7. What are the factors affecting the price of lithium battery

    Lithium battery price configuration
       the price of lithium battery is mainly composed of three main components: battery unit, protective plate and shell, which consume the power and current of electrical appliances at the same time, the materials of connecting plate (traditional nickel plate, for...

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  8. 26650 lithium battery manufacturer customized 26650 lithium battery

    Ifr26650 lithium battery capacity includes 2800mah, 3000mAh, 3200mah, 3400mah, 3600mAh, 3800mah, 4000mAh and other capacity segments.
    The capacity of inr26650 lithium battery is generally 4500mAh, 5000mAh, 5500mah and 6000mAh.
    26650 cathode material for lithium battery
    26650 lithium battery...

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  9. Advantages of 26650 lithium iron phosphate battery

    Advantages of 26650 lithium iron phosphate battery
    High energy density: the theoretical specific capacity is 170mAh / g, and the actual specific capacity is ≥ 140 MAH / g (0.2C, 25 ° C);
    High safety: the safest cathode material for lithium ion battery at present;
    No pollution: it does not co...

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  10. How are the battery packs made in large battery factories

    Here, you can feel SAIC GM's concept and attitude towards battery and safety.
    As the "heart" of new energy vehicles, power batteries affect many performance indicators such as vehicle performance, endurance and safety.

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