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  1. The difference between AA rechargeable lithium battery and Ni-MH battery

    In daily life, some families have bought a variety of electronic products that use batteries, such as remote controls, children's remote control cars, clocks, and even flashlights. These generally use nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries. Previously, Nanfu released a No. 5 rechargeable lithium...

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  2. Norman & Esso Group leads the era of hydrogen batteries

    After several generations of efforts, the Norman Esso Group has developed into a technological leader in process gas, natural gas and technical gas compressor systems.

    In 2021, the hydrogen energy industry continues to rise, the central and local layouts...

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  3. Tesla made another attempt at the use of solar cells

    As an innovator in the field of new energy, Tesla made another attempt at solar energy.

    On June 23rd, Tesla and Tesla's integrated supercharger station for light storage and charging were next to the classic and unique Tibetan-style Songzan Lhasa Mountain...

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  4. Battery shortages are in short supply

    As an indispensable part of new energy vehicles, the importance of power batteries goes without saying. Once the battery supply presents a problem, the consumption of the entire electric vehicle industry will be affected.

    However, the current "battery shortage"...

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  5. China's lithium battery export report

    Power battery companies are accelerating the development of overseas markets. According to new statistics from Shenzhen Customs, in the second five months of 2021, Shenzhen’s lithium-ion battery exports were 10.75 billion yuan, an increase of 61.7% over the same period last year, and an increase of 4...

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  6. Analysis of the importance of battery maintenance and common problems

    Since many computer rooms are unattended, uninterrupted power supply is a prerequisite for the safe and effective operation of equipment in the computer room under unmanned conditions. As a backup DC power supply unit, the battery plays a very important role in the unmanned machine room. Valve-regulated...

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  7. Which battery is the best for electric vehicle battery technology?

    The emergence of the electric vehicle industry has driven the development of electric vehicle batteries, and the two complement each other. Electric vehicles need batteries, and batteries can only realize their value in electric vehicles. So which electric vehicle battery technology is strong? Many electric...

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  8. Outdoor portable UPS AC and DC power supply

    Outdoor portable UPS AC and DC power supply solves the electricity problem of geographic surveying and mapping work. The society has a great demand for surveying and mapping information, and the emergence of outdoor surveying and mapping has brought a lot of convenience to our work and life. In the face...

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  9. Lithium battery portable energy storage power supply

    The diversified development of lithium portable energy storage power supplies will open a new round of "energy storage heat." There are some electricity problems in real life, such as outdoor electricity, equipment backup, and power outages. It is precisely because of these electricity demands that the...

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  10. Market concentration in the field of energy storage lithium battery power storage

    Why does energy storage lithium batteries have a high market concentration in the field of power storage? In the context of carbon neutrality, energy storage is the only way to realize the energy transition. Nowadays, with the continuous increase of lithium battery production capacity, our electric energy storage lithium batteries are also developing rapidly, and the economics of lithium battery energy storage have indeed gradually manifested, and the energy storage industry is ushering in a key point of "parity".

    Why does energy storage lithium batteries have a high market concentration in the field of power storage?

    The power industry is the country's basic pillar industry, and it has strict requirements for the safety and reliability of equipment. We need to have...

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