The RV battery is a portable energy storage power source with a built-in lithium-ion battery that can store electrical energy by itself.
Li-ion batteries have high energy density and high average output voltage. Small self-discharge, good batteries, less than 2% per month (recoverable). There is no memory effect. The wide operating temperature range is -20℃~60℃. Excellent cycle performance, fast charging and discharging, charging efficiency up to 100%, and high output power. long lasting. It does not contain toxic and hazardous substances and is called a green battery.

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  1. 12V 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery pack for ship


    Battery type: lithium iron phosphate battery(LiFePO4 battery)
    Rated capacity: 100Ah
    Standard voltage: 12V
    Support sea transportation, land transportation and air transportation

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  2. 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery for camper golf cart


    Certification: CE

    Origin: CN(Origin)

    Weight: 10kg

    Size: 260*210*170mm

    Model Number: YQ-1

    Nominal Capacity: 100Ah

    Application: For Campers Golf Cart Off-Road Off-grid Solar Wind

    Type: lifepo4

    Voltage: 12.8v

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  3. 12.8V 200Ah lithium iron phosphate battery for RV


    Battery type: lithium iron phosphate battery for RV, etc.
    Rated capacity: 200Ah
    Standard voltage: 12V 0.2C
    Energy: 2560Wh
    Cycle life: >4000 cycles at 0.2C; 70% capacity at the end of the life cycle.

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  4. 8*3.2V 280AH LiFePO4 battery pack


    Certification: CE

    Origin: CN(Origin)

    Weight: 5.20kg

    Size: 174*72*205mm

    Model Number: 32280

    Nominal Capacity: 280Ah

    Application: E-scooter RV Solar Energy storage system

    Type: LiFePO4

    Voltage: 3.2V

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  5. 12.8V 310Ah LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery


    12.8V 310Ah LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery For Campers Golf Cart Off-Road Off-Grid Solar Wind Batteries RV EV etc.

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  6. 73.6V 46Ah LiFePO4 battery power lithium battery pack


    Model code: IFP-2265146 23S2P-73.6V 46Ah-PCM-aging- (with shell)
    Nominal voltage: 72V
    Nominal capacity: 45Ah
    Factory voltage: ≥73.6V (30% charged)
    Executive standard: GB/T36972-2018
    Working temperature: 0~45℃ (charging), -20~60℃ (discharging)
    Product specifications: L 246 * W 156* H 390mm
    Product weight: ≈23kg
    Development and customization: ODM
    Product description: This is a high-capacity intelligent lithium iron phosphate battery pack, supports RS485 communication protocol, 3-level hardware overcharge protection, real-time monitoring of the balance status of each battery cell when the battery is working, and when an abnormal imbalance occurs , Charging will be prohibited;

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  7. 12V 120Ah LiFePO4 Power Battery


    12V 120Ah LiFePO4 power battery up to 4000 charge cycles,
    Suitable for RV camping energy storage, golf carts, off-grid off-grid solar energy storage systems

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  8. Solar RV Lithium Battery


    Solar RV lithium battery manufacturers provide solar RV lithium battery oem and portable solar power system lithium battery wholesale customization

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  9. LiFePO4 replaces AGM Marine Dual Purpose lead-acid Batteries OEM/ODM

    This product is not in stock and needs to be customized, LiFePO4 replaces AGM Marine Dual Purpose lead-acid Batteries OEM/ODM, please contact [email protected]
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  10. 3.7V 52Ah ternary lithium battery


    Model Number: GX
    Type: NCM
    Certification: CE
    Nominal Capacity: 52AH
    Origin: CN(Origin)
    Set Type: Batteries Only
    Bundle: Bundle 1
    Replacement Battery: Yes
    Battery Number: 1
    Size: 25*146*96mm

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