On-grid&off-grid systems

On-grid&off-grid systems

There are two typical applications of photovoltaics, grid-connected systems and off-grid systems. The grid-connected system relies on the power grid and adopts a working mode of "spontaneous self-use, surplus electricity to the grid" or "full-amount grid to the grid". The off-grid system does not depend on the grid, and relies on the "storage and use" or "storage before use" working mode. For households in areas without power grids or areas with frequent power outages, off-grid systems have strong practicability.

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  1. 25.6V 12Ah LiFePO4 26650 battery pack


    Battery type: lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4) battery
    Rated capacity: 12Ah
    Standard voltage: 25.6V
    Model: LFR 26650 25.6V 12AH
    Dimensions: 220*110*70 (mm)

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  2. 12.8V 310Ah LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery


    12.8V 310Ah LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery For Campers Golf Cart Off-Road Off-Grid Solar Wind Batteries RV EV etc.

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  3. 12V10AH Internal module battery of energy storage system


    Voltage: 12V
    Capacity: 10Ah
    Size: 480*250*44mm

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  4. 48V 50Ah 10KWh On-grid energy storage system

    100 % of 100

    Voltage Voltage: 48V
    Capacity Capacity: 50Ah
    Size Size: 1612*600*600mm

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  5. whole house ups systems 1-100KVA UPS uninterruptible power supply

    100 % of 100

    Product Name: UPS power supply, whole house UPS generator, ups Lithium battery.
    Tip: Whole house UPS is a customized energy storage battery, please contact customer service to confirm the configuration and price, and delivery within 30 days, The ups model needs to be determined according to different countries and regions.
    Power: 110V/60HZ ;220V/230V/240V, 50Hz
    Processing customization: Yes
    Type: whole house ups systems,
    ups generator--GP UPS 1KWA-600KWA , Please contact us for specific needs
    ups Lithium battery--HPR1101H-L to HPR1110H-L
    There is a generator at home, use GP series 10-40kva; without generator, use 10-20kva HP series

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  6. 1980W UPS uninterruptible power supply


    Product Name: rotary UPS generator

    Working principle: Online

    Service environment: commercial UPS

    Frequency: high frequency

    Output socket: 4

    Processing customization: Yes

    Equipment type: Online UPS

    Overall dimension: 255mm * 640mm * 700mm

    Rated capacity: 500L

    Input voltage range: 160-280V

    Output voltage range: 160-280V

    Output power: 1200W

    Standby time: 30

    Efficiency: 0.7

    Operating temperature range: 0-40

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  7. 800W/1000VA UPS uninterruptible power supply


    Product Name:apc ups generator power

    Output power capacity: 3000va / 2700W

    Configurable power: 3000va / 2700W

    Rated output voltage: 220V

    Adjustable range of output voltage: it can be set to 220, 230 or 240 output voltage

    Output voltage distortion: less than 5% at full load

    Output frequency (synchronous with the main frequency): 47 - 53 Hz (50 Hz nominal value), 57 - 63 Hz (60 Hz nominal value)

    Crest factor: up to 5: 1

    Waveform type: sine wave

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  8. 750V 500W Online Interactive UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply


    Product Name:ups generator system

    Rated output voltage: 230V

    Rated input voltage: 230V

    Output voltage distortion: less than 5%

    Operating temperature: 0-40 ℃

    Model: sua750ich

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  9. electric bike scooter customized lipo battery packs

    Rechargeable charge 16.8V 18V 24V 30V 36V 48V 60V 10Ah 20Ah 10000mah electric bike scooter customized 18650 lipo battery packs
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