OEM high-capacity lithium-ion apple battery


Product name: Apple battery
Standard capacity: 1430mAh
Standard voltage: 3.82V
Type: Lithium battery
Charging limit voltage: 1500mah
Applicable models: applicable to all Apple products, providing customization

Product advantages:
1. Smart core, more stable
High-density polymer lithium battery, with less charging loss and longer service life, safe and stable without hurting the machine.
2. Multi-layer protection
Temperature protection, circuit protection, Rest protection, input overvoltage protection, hardware overcurrent protection, output overcurrent protection, input anti-reverse protection, battery overcharge protection, output overvoltage protection.
3. Long battery life
Charging is not hot, low loss, to ensure the durability of battery life

Our company was established in 2004 and is committed to the research and development of mobile phone batteries of various brands. The company's Apple batteries and other products are all independently developed and produced. Customize the LOGO, model, parameters, etc. of the product according to customer requirements.

More Information
Capacity <1Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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OEM high-capacity lithium-ion apple battery