800W/1000VA UPS uninterruptible power supply


Product Name:apc ups generator power

Output power capacity: 3000va / 2700W

Configurable power: 3000va / 2700W

Rated output voltage: 220V

Adjustable range of output voltage: it can be set to 220, 230 or 240 output voltage

Output voltage distortion: less than 5% at full load

Output frequency (synchronous with the main frequency): 47 - 53 Hz (50 Hz nominal value), 57 - 63 Hz (60 Hz nominal value)

Crest factor: up to 5: 1

Waveform type: sine wave


1. Wide stock, safe and reliable

The On-line UPS, which sells well in the market and has a wide stock, has accumulated 30 years of experience and is in line with China's power environment

Ultra wide input voltage frequency range, suitable for harsh power environment

Mature digital control technology, strong power semiconductor devices and triple software and hardware protection make it more safe and reliable

2. Green power design, energy saving and environmental protection

the output power factor can be up to 0.9, providing more energy

High efficiency electrical design, efficiency up to 90% in online mode, saving operation cost and reducing more emissions

Green and environmental protection, in line with the requirements of EU environmental protection directives

3. Intelligent human design, flexible and easy to expand

the battery is easy to configure and can meet different discharge time requirements

intelligent real-time battery monitoring to master battery status

multiple options to flexibly adapt to different needs, whether in high altitude areas with harsh environment

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Capacity <1Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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800W/1000VA UPS uninterruptible power supply