3.2V 15Ah lithium ion battery

bs3.2V 15Ah lithium ion battery

Battery type: Cylindrical lithium ion battery
Rated capacity: 15Ah
Nominal voltage: 3.2V
Customization: customized logo, customized packaging, customized graphics

Product parameters:
Product name: Lithium ion battery
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Model: L-40152S-HW
Warranty: 1 year
Size: 40±1mm*H165±1mm
Rated capacity: 15Ah
Nominal voltage: 3.2V
Internal resistance: ≤4mΩ
Self-discharge: 3% per month
Discharge rate: high discharge rate
Features: rechargeable battery
Quality: Grade A
OEM and ODM services: supply
Certification: CE/RoHS/UL/KC/TS16949
Weight: 450g
Application scenarios: electric tools, household appliances, boats, golf carts, submarines, electric bicycles/scooters, electric forklifts, electric cars, electric wheelchairs, electric power systems, solar storage systems, uninterrupted power supplies

More Information
Capacity <1Ah
Voltage 12.8V
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3.2V 15Ah lithium ion battery