100 Watts Mono silicon solar cells, rigid aluminum frame


We can customize solar panels with different specifications such as power, voltage, current, size, shape, process, etc. according to customer needs and product positioning, support proofing and testing, high quality assurance, and fast delivery!

High-quality materials:
Class A cell: has a complete IV curve, good low light performance, high conversion rate, stable output performance; all tempered white glass: high light transmission, good temperature resistance, anti-deformation, anti-ultraviolet aging; plastic frame: anti-corrosion, Strong oxidation resistance, better consistency with solar panels, better elasticity, light weight, portable transportation and installation, and can adapt to various environments!
Fully automatic welding: complete IV curve, neat lines; high-temperature seamless lamination technology, no bubbles, uniform color, no obvious color difference, broken grid, white spots, chipping, bright marks, solder joint oxidation spots and defect damage, etc. , To ensure good light transmittance and light energy conversion!
Scientific quality control:
Professional and standardized production inspection process: strict selection of source materials, automatic cutting and string welding, EL test before lamination, vacuum seamless lamination, IV power inspection, appearance inspection, packaging and storage, and production in strict accordance with solar panel AQL standards.

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Capacity <1Ah
Battery TypeLiFePO4
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100 Watts Mono silicon solar cells, rigid aluminum frame
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